Updating the Client library in EtherEditer

First thing I did was to fork the etherpad-lite-client from the git-repository and cloned it to core/extensions/EtherEditor/includes/ , well more specifically updated the EtherpadLiteClient.php file with the new php file from the cloned etherpad-lite-client.

Test Runs:

Now was the time to do some unit testing before committing the change for a review. From the root directory of my mediawiki, I went through the following steps:

$ export MW_INSTALL_PATH=`pwd`
$ cd extensions/EtherEditor/tests/phpunit
$ make tests -B

And it gave the result :  OK (22 tests, 89 assertions)
[ Also, updating the client library fixed the error: 

BadFunctionCallException: no such function
 which was been generated when tested earlier! ]

So, yes all were green!

Committing the change:

This how my terminal looked like, when my finally, the change was committed successfully

Submiited the change for a review in Gerrit. And Yay! It was merged.

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