The ring


This one is new. The ring has a real flower stuck inside it. This one is sad. It was bought from a little boutique in Stamford on a certain Summer day. The lady who first showed me the ring, I’ll never see her again in this life. Not particularly because something bad will happen to her, or to me, or to this planet. Because amazing things will keep on happening but we shall never meet again, as any two individuals walking on this planet who only get a perfect first meeting and that’s it. But that’s not sad because that’s how it works. Or, maybe, just maybe we shall pass by each other, on an ordinary Winter day, and won’t even know, because that’s how it works, you know, you pass by people you’re supposed to know but you don’t. That’s not sad. That’s just how it works. But this one is special. Because it has a flower, much laughter, and an unusually bright Summer day stuck inside.

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