Curious Case of Format Buttons in EtherEditor

I do realize that I should have written this update some weeks back. But it is still not too late, I guess. 🙁

Well, the exact problem with the format buttons in our extension was : It was not working.
And the confusion was, if any of the changes that I had made in past has made it stop working. Although it should not have been that way. So, yes. It was pretty confusing. And I was kind of blocked.

All we found out was:

  • The server-side database issues that could not be debugged for some reason (maybe because the database doesn’t have what we were looking for).
  • The client-side script in ep_ethereditor (the etherpad plugin we maintain that enables all of the formatting magic) has an incompatibility with the newest release of Etherpad Lite’s API.

The fix in that ep_ethereditor solves the format buttons bug. But, it still needs to be taken care of a little.

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