About Last Week – An update, sort of

I have spent my last week mostly being down with a terrible fever follwed by an awful gastritis and eventually ended up having a terrible weakness – gah! Anyway, I did have a whole bunch of things planned in the US, which I was supposed to execute in this month, well, I am on them. 🙂 After a very pleasant meeting with Alolita at the office (I visited THE office, yay! :D) – this is what we had in minds as the game plan for the next few weeks:

The target is to cover the following areas in the month of July.

  • Visuallization and Language Coverage Matrix
  • jQuery Milshake Libraries  


Target – Visualizations and Language Coverage Matrix

Evaluate visualization libraries for the web to be used for processing and displaying data from the language coverage matrix

  • To identify the selection criteria and select top 3 visualization libraries (JS/HTML5/CSS/server side appls)
  • Build prototypes to demonstrate capabilities of each library
  • Integrate initial snapshot of data for LCM into version 1 of visualizations
  • Requirements: To determine – what types of visualization, graphs do we need for LCM and what are the features that could be used for visualizing complex event data for Language tools like ULS.
  • Language Coverage Matrix – To go through technical specification and UI design mockups.


Target – jQuery Milkshake libraries

  • To learn about jQuery.i18n, jQuery.ime, jQuery.webfonts, jQuery.uls
  • To review the code
  • To get involved with Bug Triaging
  • To get some bug assigned and fix them

Now, the update of what I did get done in the last week:

Update – Visualization 

I looked at Limn, as a start. Limn is a GUI for constructing beautiful visualizations without need of programming skills, which has been using by Wikimedia Engineering so far. This might not be the exact thing that we were looking for, but I decided to play with this, as a start – because:
  • This is what we have been using so far, so let’s get deep into that to analyse the Whys and Hows.

  • Even if we do not choose to use this any way, we should be having a fair idea of the reason behind it.

  • Limn has got wonderful developers like Dan, who was kind enough to sit with me for a meeting over hangout and we discussed several parts of it.  

So, I have a few observations and concerns that came to mind while playing around with the code and the dashboards. What we wanted to look at first was some JavaScript libraries – this isn’t really one. But I have been thinking about if coco (the language which Limn was built upon) is also an option to think about:

  • Limn is written in coco – ‘a CoffeeScript dialect that aims to be more radical and practical. But, not many people are contributing to the language right now – which is not a very good sign, maybe. Which could be a bit of a risk.
  • This could also be a bit weird for the new contributors, to start from a new language. Although I have tried it and it did not seem to be a very impossible job to do. There are also plugins like vim-coco, which could come handy. Still, there remains a bit of a risk.

These are just my concerns. Also, I need to get a better picture of our requirements – which I shall get shortly, I suppose – to dive into some more libraries ( maybe, JavaScript this time, d3 to be specific.)

Update – jQuery Milkshake Libraries:

A bug triage-cum-overall meeting was planned with Runa, this week. We talked
about the above mentioned concerns, and the next few steps. She pointed me to a couple useful links like:
  • A very beautiful chart of the current scenario of all the bugs that are present in Language Engineering.
  • We are going to meet up again sometime soon (maybe, just tomorrow :)) to find out if there’s something that I could possibly triage/get assigned to in jQuery Milkshake Libraries.

Looking forward to a busier week!

2 thoughts on “About Last Week – An update, sort of

  1. Well….limn is not exactly a library (It is much more than that).
    But If I have to use a library (mainly I had to use them for charts etc.) then these are the ones I generally look in-to

    – protovis(or now d3.js)
    – raphael
    – dojox
    – chart.js
    – flot

    As usual there are hundreds of libraries out there for this purpose only(like highcharts) but these were the few I liked to work with in past 🙂

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