A Happy News and Some Confessions

So I am 9 days too late to share a great news over here. Well, its more than just great. Probably the best thing that has happened to me this year. The best thing that has happened to me in a long long time!

Yes. I am an OPW intern now! 😀
And yeah, a MediaWiki developer, if you wish to say so. ( Disclaimer: At your own risk, but. Because, I would be blushing no doubt, then would nod gently, and would start telling you how amazing it feels to be in a community so sweet, so awesome, and so dear! )

The above advertisement had made me crazy one night. I could not sleep for even a bit. No, not because of the stipend that ( Although, I do admit, its huge! Hah, call me stupid but that night, my excitement was so high that I missed that $ sign and thought it was indian rupees 😛 ) is mentioned. There were three honest reasons which made me want to apply for it, like real bad.

  • One. Because its FOSS. I have never believed in something so firmly. Although I belong to a hardcore communist family. I have doubts with communism too. But I do believe in Richard Stallman more than I believe in Marx.
  • Two. I would not have applied to any organization other than Wikimedia. When I wasn’t hearing from them at first, I could have tried my luck somewhere else. I did not. Wikimedia has given me a lot. Now its my time to give something back to them. I really want to work with MediaWiki. And I mean this last statement as honestly as humanly possible.

Well, now you might wonder why would one need $5000 to prove that how much something mean to her. Yes, I don’t really ‘need’ it. I keep forgetting about the money all the time. And here comes the answer to that why,  the third point.

  • Three. During my one year long relationship with Wikipedia, and a couple of more months with FOSS, my madness used to bother a lot of people. I was tired of answering the same questions, hearing the same warnings again and again. Everyone was convinced that I was wasting my time giving too much importance to some teenage whim. I needed an answer. And you know what, its funny how success is the answer to everything. Well, its not their fault. Its how society has taught us to react. They were just being parents, relatives, friends, teachers and well-wishers. And I am grateful to them, for not believing in me. It gave me strength.

I have no intentions to end this happy post with a sad note. A long way to go. Thousands of code to explore. Thousands of bugs to fight with. Millions of hearts to win. And a million more to inspire.

Wish me Love just. Luck will take care of itself. 🙂

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