HW2: Applying Different Ethical Frameworks to a Dilemma

  • Due: February 12
  • Format: Approximately 4 pages, double spaced, 12 pt font
  • Grading Criteria:
    • Completeness
    • Writing
    • Insight into each ethical theory
    • Individual ethical analysis

Consider this ethical dilemma:

You have been offered a lucrative coding job writing software for a chain of coffee shops, Java Du Jour (JDJ). JDJ offers free wifi to their customers. When you join the wifi, the fine print on the "click to accept" screen says by using the free wifi, you agree to accept special offers from JDJ.

JDJ has asked you to write code that scans their wifi traffic for other email addresses (like people their customers are emailing), generates a probability score as to whether they live near by based on their IP address and anything else you can see in the web traffic. If they live in the area, add their email to a list to receive a coupon for a free small coffee.

Do you accept the job?

  1. What would an act-utilitarian analysis suggest you do? Why?
  2. What would a rule-utilitarian analysis suggest you do? Why?
  3. What would a deontological analysis suggest you do? Why?
  4. What would social contract theory suggest you do? Why?
  5. What would an analysis from virtue ethics suggest you do? Why?
  6. Combine these different perspectives and provide a well-reasoned argument for a course of action.

Answer each question separately.