HCDE548B: Critical Technology Practice

In this course, we will cover a combination of critical theory and methods toward a liberatory practice of technology. Technology has been an object of power and exclusion for centuries—enabling systemic injustices such as racism, ableism, and classism. This course is designed to provide foundational knowledge on what it means for students, practitioners, scholars, and technology workers alike to start questioning the role of technology in past and ongoing systemic harms. Focusing on the main structures of oppression often perpetuated via technology, we will explore counter-practices of technology research and design through which we can carry out a commitment toward dismantling such exclusionary means of technology production. Throughout, students will make artifacts conveying their interpretations of critical technology practice.

CS4001: Computing, Society, and Professionalism

Examines the role and impact of information and communication technology in society, with emphasis on ethical, professional, and public policy issues.